The Financial “O”

There’s foreplay. Then there’s financial fourplay – only four ways to make money.

  • You work for someone.
  • You work for yourself.
  • You invest in the stock market.
  • You invest in real estate.

This book starts with a set of questions to help you discover the personal combination of the four ways which will work best for you. The goal is to achieve a financial ménage à trois– three sources of income – to make sure you get where you want to be. If one area of your threesome isn’t performing for whatever reason, it’s important to have others to keep things on track.

Each moneymaking activity has a chapter containing its basics. Then depending on how you answered the introductory questions, there are suggestions for how to get you on your way to your unique Big O moment.

There’s nothing like it – intimately or financially.

What are you waiting for?

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Starr Cochran continues to present financial information in unconventional ways. Her previous two books, The Bread & Butter Chronicles and Dough Rising, weave financial education throughout the story of four women who discover how to solve their financial dilemmas while learning something about themselves along the way.

Starr received her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Arizona and a Masters in Education/Counseling from Northern Arizona University. For more information about Starr visit her website:

Starr Cochran

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Described as Rich Dad, Poor Dad meets Sex and the City, The Bread & Butter Chronicles is about four women, Rita, Marla, Jade and Lori, who decide to transform their weekly lunches into mini money workshops after Rita’s husband dies unexpectedly and she discovers that their financial situation is not what it appeared.

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Dough Rising

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